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Google Device Mode: Does your website's look on a mobile device concern you? Tags: Spruz Mobile Theme Spruz Theme Spruz Website Design

Your website's appearance on mobile devices should concern you greatly, and that should be your final answer. Internet traffic by way of mobile device has grown so vastly within the last decade, and if you are not focusing a large part of your website's design based on that fact, you are really missing out on a lot of traffic. Since Spruz is primarily focused on being easy and convenient for people who don't have an extensive amount of knowledge, you may be wondering how you can test your website to see how it will look on different devices. Sure, you can always use your own device if you have one, but that's only one of "many" screen sizes and resolutions that exist. So how will you plan your site around the other devices that are out there? That's a really good question, and until now, the answer was rather complicated.

Google Device Mode is a relatively new feature of the Google Chrome web browser, and it helps fill in the gaps where people would normally struggle in trying to view their website on multiplle device screen sizes. Google Chrome's developer tools that are built into their browser have been around for quite some time now, and I've always found them to be quite adequate. It is within those developer tools that you will find a brand new icon that looks llike a cell phone. Simply clicking that icon while you are on your website will shrink your website into a mobile website preview. For those of you who have not gotten started with Css or Html, you have probably never seen the developer tools built into Chrome, so I'll take a moment to explain how you get to them.

First, you will need to right click anywhere on your website. In the right click menu, you will then click on "inspect element":








From this point, you will see the developer tools appear at the bottom of your website. When that happens, you'll then be looking for an icon at the top of the tools that looks like a cell phone. Once you find it, you'll click it, and your website will magically be transformed into a mobile website preview. The phone icon you'll need to click is shown below, and has the orange arrow pointing to it:

At this point, you've been given direction on how to find the mobile development tools that you need in order to view your website in a multitude of device sizes. Once you click that phone icon, your website will be shown in the default mobile device emulator. At the top of the screen, you'll see a new menu appear, and it will have a box that is labled "Device". If you click that, it will give you a list of popular mobile devices to choose from. Once you've selected one, it will update how your site looks to emulate how it appears on the different device you've chosen. 

Here is a handy link, and you should read it for some even more indepth documentation on how this tools can be used. The link goes to Google's very own documentation. 

I hope you enjoy,


What web browser do you currently use the most? 2015 Tags: web browser web design

Years have gone by since we last visited the subject of Web Browsers here on Spruzstuff, and honestly a lot has changed in terms of how people currently view a web page. The largest change is that people are more and more using devices other than a once typical desktop or laptop pc. While many of the devices being used are much smaller in size, most popular browsers have been ported over for use on these newer mobile devices. This is good news for web designers, because it doesn't create much of a change in terms of our jobs. Building websites with responsiveness in mind is where the new complications come in, but that's a whole different topic. Let's take a look at some popular figures in terms of which browsers are the most popular.

The folks over at the ever popular have been tracking web statistics that are based on browsers for years now, and as of late Nov 2014, these are the results that they have found.

  1. Google Chrome  60.1%
  2. Firefox 23.4%
  3. Internet Explorer 9.8%
  4. Safari 3.7%
  5. Opera 1.6%

Another popular site that does a great job of tracking down the latest browser trends is Here are the statistics as given in their latest release:

  1. Chrome 45.67%
  2. Internet Explorer 22.44%
  3. Firefox 17.43
  4. Safari 11.20%
  5. Opera 1.36%

There are some differences in stats between the examples given, with logical reasons. The W3schools stats do not include all versions of IE, and as well they don't include safari Ipad browsers. Because of this, the numbers are a bit off in likeness. 

As you can see, browsers are still being used in a good variance, and what that means for people such as us is that we need to check our website designs in all browsers to make sure they look their best for everyone. Since Spruz is a place for people with little to know experience to build a website, it is important that this is brought to light. All of these browsers tend to have their own "rendering engines" that ultimately display different portions of your website a little uniquely. Checking your website in all browsers by downloading at least the popular ones is almost a requirement.

In the comment section below, feel free to post a message stating which browser you use most commonly. If you have any questions or feedback, leave that as well.


Have you tried Font-Awesome yet?
Category: Resource Blogs
Tags: css spruz websites font-awesome icons font-awesome

Font-Awesome is an icon set that can easily be incorporated within your Spruz Powered Websites. It gives you access to a list of 479 icons that take the place of what would have been bandwidth killing, file space draining, load time increasing images. The best part about Font-Awesome is of course that "IT"S FREE". 

The way the icons work, are that they are actually a font that can be included in your webpages. This means that each individual icon can be increased in size, or be given almost any other Css property/style if you know what you are doing. 

Incorporating Font-Awesome Icons is as easy as copying and pasting a single line of code into the head section of your custom scripting area, and then using the appropriate html snippet that is provided by the Font-Awesome website. Simply click on the picture of the icon you want on their website, and you'll be shown the html to make it appear on your own website. Pretty awesome right?

To get started, head on over to Font-Awesome and copy the code to include it in your site's head section.

Here is a glance of some of the useful icons you'll be able to include in your website. There are hundreds more however:

After using these icons in several projects I've worked on, I'm certain many of you will find them to be as much of a valuable tool as I have. Enjoy!
2 New Spruz Plugins Added To The Store Tags: spruz plugins spruz javascript

New Releases

Automatically check the box that opts people into the Newsletter for your site at registration. I can't begin to stress how important this can be. Your newsletter is one of your most important tools you have when it comes to luring your members back to your site for various reasons. If they didn't bother to check the box at sign-up, your power to use this is lost. Checking that box automatically for them so that they have to uncheck it to opt out brings you a "MUCH" higher rate of people who are subscribed to your site. 

Updating the activity feed automatically not only saves your members time when looking for interactions to get into on your site, but as well, it just look more up to date and interesting to them. With the standard of what people are used to using Facebook and other various sites with the same feature, this is a must have for any website. Spark up your user engagements, and save your members some time with Activity Feed Auto Updates Plugin.

Dont' forget to always check back with Spruzstuff frequently for our latest Plugin additions. Also, make sure you are subscribed to receive our Newsletters.


Free Spruz Themes & Free Spruz Templates Tags: Free Spruz Themes Free Spruz Templates

What you may have noticed 

Free Spruz themes and templates are a part of the focus here at Spruzstuff. Temporarily I've been told, the export feature for themes has been disabled. Because of this, production of new themes has been halted until the features are put back on track. After a given point of wait time, I may just bite the bullet and create download links for graphics, and then put out some copy and paste css with instructions on how to set up the site to fit. Hopefully the import export features will be running again on the platform soon, and I'll not have to do all that work. For those of you wondering, that's what the hold up is. Once the feature is back up and running, you'll be able to just import themes directly on your site once again.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the Spruz team gets this feature back up and running again soon. 

Sorry for the inconvenience,


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