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Get custom Css/modifiers, that will greatly help you style your site.
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Read articles describing how to do the basics, and commonly sought after instruction for everyday tasks.

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Switch out of Css mode by Randya published Apr 28th 2014
Restore your Footer Share tools by Randya published Apr 27th 2014
Menu displayed for members by Randya published Apr 27th 2014
Menu displayed for visitors by Randya published Apr 27th 2014
Image hover opacity by Randya published Jan 6th 2014
Blog dividers by Andy B published Nov 3rd 2013
Changing url names by MialisiaJewelry published Jun 13th 2013
Adding Categories(With Video) by Randya published Jan 24th 2013
Side Navigation/ Link Hover Image by Randya published Nov 11th 2012
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